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Umm Hakim bint al-Harith

His full name was Umm Hakim bint al-Harith bin Hisham ibn al-Makhzumiyah Mughirah. She is the daughter of his brother Abu Jahl Amr ibn Hisham is an enemy of Allah and His Messenger. As for his mother named Fatima bint al-Walid.

Indeed Umm Hakim given favors in the form of a brilliant intellect and wisdom are fluent. His father, al-Haris marry him at the time of ignorance with which his uncle's son Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl which he was one of those who have announced the Prophet to be killed. When the Muslims got the victory and the city of Mecca has been opened, Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl fled to Yemen, because he heard the threat of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam against him.

Human converted to God with flocking, enter Islam is al-Haris bin Hisham and also his daughter namely Umm Hakim and good riddance become Muslim.

Umm Hakim including women who pledge allegiance to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and he tasted the sweetness of faith who has fulfilled his heart, so then he wanted people he loves the most and the closest to that of her husband, Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl, taste the sweetness of faith as he felt.

Policies and clarity of intellect has led him to appear before the Prophet respectfully to request security for her husband when he converted to Islam. What a joy his heart to hear the answer of the Prophet respectfully the owner of a great soul who wants to forgive and ensure the safety of his soul.Furthermore, Umm Hakim immediately went to pursue her husband who fled in the hope he can find it before the ship sailed.

He is a difficult path and bring supplies were minimal, but not in despair, he does not feel weak because of the great objectives has alleviate suffering more and more. Fate God wants him to meet with her husband on a beach when the ship was almost about to sail. Furthermore, Umm Hakim shouted to her husband, "O son of my uncle ?. I come to you as a human messenger most like peace, human beings are the most devoted, the best of man, thou shalt not destroy you, I have asked for a guarantee of security for you! "Ikrimah said:" Do you really have to do it? "" True "said Umm Hakim. Later, she told her husband about the creed that has fulfilled his heart and he has tasted the sweetness and that he has not converted to Islam but after he knew that was Islam is the perfect religion and that Islam was high, no one higher than himself. He also told about the glorious Apostles personally and how well he entered Mecca to destroy the idols in it, and his forgiveness to the man with a great soul, and his soul is open to every human being to forgive.

This is a victory for Umm Hakim ra that has sowed good seed in his next life until her husband returned with her husband to face the Prophet respectfully and Ikrimah announced his conversion in the presence of the Prophet, and he started a new sheet with Islam that he almost stranded in the dark Jahiliya and paganism. So, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully open arms to welcome the return of a young man who was going to show total loyalty to Allah and His Messenger.

Furthermore, Ikrimah ra always sipped from sources creed Islamiyah until flashes on his soul sincere faith and pure love and encourage him plunge into the battle scene, while behind him are his followers were each able to bear arms.

In the arena of battle he was inducted to his companions to die in the way of Allah Almighty, he is sincere to seek martyrdom so that God grant it, he won the beauty of martyrdom in the way of Allah. However, Umm Hakim as mukminah woman whit not grieve, he remained patient despite brother, father, and even her husband was martyred on the battlefield. Therefore, how could he be sad when he dreamed that he was able to achieve martyrdom as they have managed to achieve? And martyrdom is a chimera and the highest ideals of a believer who Sadiq.

After a lapse of some time of the martyrdom of her husband, the Ikrimah ra, he proposed by a commander of the Umayyad Muslims named Khalid ibn Sa'id ra. When there is war Marajush, Shufur Khalid mengumpuli want him, but Umm Hakim replied, "I wish you postpone it until God destroy enemy forces." Khalid said: "I feel that I would be killed." Umm Hakim said: "If so, please . "Then Khalid perform the wedding night with Umm Hakim on the bridge at a later known as Umm Hakim bridge.

In the morning they held walimah for brides. Not to mention they finished eating. Roman troops attacked them, until the groom as well as the warlords who plunged into the heart of the battle. He fought until martyrdom. Umm Hakim then tighten the clothes that he wore then stand to hit the Roman soldiers with tent poles are made walimatul urs and even he was able to kill seven people among the enemies of God.

What a wonderful first night and it would be nice next time. Thus, the women and the patient mukminah Mujahidah celebrated his first night on the battlefield then the next morning jihad and war.This is not surprising because it turns Umm Hakim is the daughter of his female relatives "saifullah al-maslul" (sword unsheathed God), a brave commander namely Khalid ibn al-Walid.

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