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Abul Ash bin Rabi al-Absyami al-Quraisyi

Abul Ash bin Rabi al-Absyami al-Quraisyi, a wealthy young man, handsome-handsome, dazzling everyone who sees him. He is involved in pleasure, with high social status as royalty. He became a model for the experts in the Arab horsemen with all the problems, vanity, the characteristics of humanity, loyalty, and nationality ancestral or derived. 

Abul Ash is inherited from Quraish talents and skills to trade in two seasons, winter and summer. Never stopped his vehicle back and forth between Mecca and Sham. Caravan reached number one hundred camels and two hundred personnel. Community surrender their property to him to be traded, because he has proved kepintaraannya in the trade, and he is always true and trustworthy. 

Khadijah bint Khuwailid, wife of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, was the aunt Abul Ash bin Rabi. Khadijah considers Abul Ash as his own child, and clearing a place for him in the heart and in her home, a place unequaled, honorable and compassionate. Likewise affection Muhammad bin Abdullah Abul Ash, not less also of affection Khadija him. 

Imperceptibly, the years passed quickly through the household of Muhammad bin Abdullah. The oldest son has become a teenage daughter, grown as roses flower petals unfold beautifully. So the young men of the nobles of Mecca tempted son was about to pick it. Why not ..? Zainab is not highborn girl Quraish purely rooted in. As the daughter of a noble father's mother, she was civilized and high morals. But, how they will be able to pick them? Among them have been present aunt Zainab own son, a handsome and good-looking young man, namely Rabbi Ibn Abul Ash familiar. 

Not so long ago, just a few years, lasting marriage with Zainab bint Muhammad Abul Ash, a brilliant radiating divine nur in Mecca were shrouded error. Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala sent Muhammad as his prophet and apostle of the religion of truth. In the first stage of Allah commanded the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. so invite kin. Thus, the first woman of faith, is his wife, Khadijah bint Khuwailid, and her daughters: Zainab, Ruqayyah, Umm Kaltsum, and Fatima, Fatima even when it is still small, except in-law, Abul Ash. He was reluctant to part with the religion of their ancestors and also reluctantly embraced his wife, Zainab. However, Abul Ash still loved his wife. His love for Zainab remain sincere and pure. 

When the conflict between the Prophet by the Quraish increased, they blame, "Woe you ..! actually you who bring trouble. You marry your sons and daughters with the daughters of Muhammad. If you return the daughters of Muhammad was to him, we will not think about it anymore. " 

Replied the other, "That's a great idea!" Then, they went to see Abul Ash! " 

They said, "O Abul Ash, divorce your wife! Return him to the house of his father! We are able and willing married with whom you like from myriad women Quraish pretty ones. " 

Abul Ash replied, "No! I'm not going to divorce her. I do not want to replace it with any woman in the whole world. " 

Two daughters of the Prophet, and Umm Ruqayah Kaltsum been divorced by her husband and driven back to the house of his father. Prophet happily accepts his two daughters. In fact, he wanted Abul Ash mmelakukan presumably also the same thing to his wife, Zainab. But so be it, he is not authorized to impose his desire. In addition, when the Islamic law forbids marriage yet mukminah women with men idolaters. 

After the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. migrate to Madinah, the Quraysh fight him at Badr. Abul Ash was forced to join the war on the side of the Quraysh, the Prophet and the Muslims fight. He is truly were forced because no slightest desire to fight with the Prophet and the Muslims. And, no one interest to be gained by fighting them. Just because she lived alongside the fight against Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi that respectfully. 

Battle of Badr bring major defeat embarrassment to the Quraysh, thus subjecting vanity tops idolatry, pride, ferocity, and their cruelty. Among them was killed, there were captured, and some are fleeing. Abul Ash, husband Zainab bint Muhammad, including groups of people captive. 

Messenger requires that every prisoner to redeem themselves with a ransom, if they want to be free. Beliu set a ransom was between one thousand to four thousand dirhams, according to the position and wealth of the prisoner in his people. So, berdatanganlah delegates back and forth between Mecca and Medina, bringing money to redeem those who were captured. 

Zainab bint Muhammad sent emissaries to Medina to ransom to redeem her husband, Abul Ash. In ransom was there, among others, a necklace belonging to Zainab, a gift from her mother, Khadija bint Khuwailid, on the marriage of Zaynab by Abul Ash. When the Prophet saw the necklace, his face became sad with deep sadness, longing for her to imagine, Zainab, or perhaps remembered by his late wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. 

Prophet turned to his companions and said, "This treasure was sent by Zainab to redeem her husband, Abul Ash. If gentlemen agree, I hope gentlemen freed prisoners without ransom. Zainab send money and property back to him. "Replied the friend," Well, yes Messenger! We agree! " 

Abul Ash Prophet freed on the condition he drove zainab to him. Then, on arrival in Mecca, Abul Ash immediately do something to keep his promise to the Prophet. Instructed his wife to get ready to make a long journey to Medina. The messenger Messenger wait outside the city not far from Mecca. Abul Ash prepare supplies and vehicles for the departure of his wife. Abul Ash told his brother, Amr ibn Rabi, drove Zainab and handed it to the messenger of Allah. 

Amr ibn Rabi holds a bow and a bag of arrows. Zainab raising to Haudaj. They go out of town at noon, in front of the crowd Quraish. Seeing them go, the Quraysh rose angry and excited. Then, both of them one after another and yet they get away from the city. Zainab they scare and threaten them. However, Amr has been prepared with a bow and put the bag in front of her arrows. Amr said, "Who is approaching, I arrow neck." 

Amr win, famous archer who never fails sniper shot. In the midst of such a tense atmosphere, the time Sufyan ibn Harb Abus accidentally contacted them. Abu Sufyan said, "Hey, kid brother! put thine! We will talk to you. " 

Amr put arrows. Abu Sufyan said, "this is not true deeds, O Amr. You bring Zainab out openly in public and in front of our eyes. Arabs entirely know they will defeat at Badr and Zainab father inflicted calamity to us. When you bring Zainab openly like this, it means you are insulting the whole tribe is as timid, weak and helpless. How vile it. Therefore, Zainab bring back to her husband for a few days. Once residents know we have managed to prevent his departure, you may bring it quietly and secretly, do not she daylight like this. You should take her to her father. We do not have any interest to hold it. " 

Amr agree with the suggestion of Abu Sufyan. Zainab brought back to her husband's house in Mecca. After a few days later Amr bring out of town Zainab secretly at midnight, and handed it to his father delegates from hand to hand, as been booked brother, Abul Ash bin Rabi. 

After separating from his wife, Abul Ash remained in Mecca some time until about the liberation of the city of Mecca. He was traded to Sham as he had done previously. 

Occurring on one day on the way home to Mecca, he led a hundred camels loaded with cargo, and one hundred seventy personnel that the camel herding. In the middle of the road, near Medina, caravan prevented by troops patrol the Prophet. Camels deprived and those who led him captive. But, fortunately for Abul Ash, he escaped from the custody and hide. After nightfall and it was dark, he went into the city of Medina with stealth and caution once. Up in the town he came to the house of Zainab, ask for help and protection to him. Zainab protect it. 

When the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. out going to the morning prayer, he stood in the sanctuary, and Takbir ihram. Takbir worshipers follow him. Zainab shouted from shuffah (where the women). He said, "Hey, man! I Zainab bint Muhammad! Abul 'Ash asked for protection to me. Therefore, I am alive! " 

After completion of the prayer, the Prophet said to the congregation, "Is there a gentlemen heard shouts Zainab?" 

They replied, "There is ...! We hear, O Messenger of Allah! " 

Prophet said, "As God is my soul within his grasp! I do not know anything about this, but after hearing screams Zainab. " 

Then the Prophet went to the house of Zainab. He said, "Honour Abul Ash! But, you know, you do not lawful for him. " 

Then, he Calling patrols on duty overnight, and capture the camels and detain people from caravan Abul Ash. He said to them, "As you know, this guy (Abul Ash) is our family. You have deprived of his property. If you want to do good, get back his property. That's what we like. However, if you are reluctant to return, it is your right, because it is the booty treasure God has given you. You have the right to take it. " 

They answered, "We return, O Messenger of Allah!" When Abul Ash came to take his property, they said to him, "O Abul Ash! You are a noble Quraish. Thou son of the Prophet's uncle and his son. It would be nice if you convert to Islam. We will submit this treasure all to you. You will be able to enjoy the treasures Meccans who brought you this. Stay with us in Medina. " 

Abul Ash replied, "your proposal is very ugly and inappropriate. I had to pay off my debts immediately. "Abul Ash went to Mecca to bring the caravan and wares. Up in Mecca paid throughout his debts to any person entitled to receive it. Then he said, "O people of Quraysh! Are there still people who have not menerim payment from me? " 

They answered, "No! May you be rewarded with a better God. We have received payment from you to taste. " 

Abul Ash said, "Now know! I have paid you the right of each to taste! So, now listen up! I confess there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad the Messenger indeed! For The Sake Of Allah! nothing is keeping to declare Islam to Muhammad when I was in Medina, except worries in case you think I converted to Islam because you want to eat up the property. Now that God pay for you all, and my responsibility has been completed, I declare to Islam. " 

Abul Ash out of Mecca, went to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. He welcomed the glorious arrival, and handed his wife Zainab back into his lap. 

Messenger said, "He spoke to me, I believe. He promised me, he fulfilled his promise. " 

- Heroic Generation Companions of the Prophet, Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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