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Abu Musa Ash'ari (Died 44 H)

His full name is Abdullah bin Qais. He had come to move to Abessina, then came to Madinah after the battle of Khaibar. Caliph Uthman appointed him as ruler in this Koufah.Beliau including the arbitrator in the event of arbitration Siffin.

One of the companions of the Prophet who had his do'akan with a request to God for forgiveness and that the Day of Judgment is inserted into a glorious place is Abu Musa Al-Asy'ariy, as the prayer of the Prophet: "li-'Abdillah Allahumaghfir bin Qais zanbahu, wa adkhilhu yauma al-qiyamati madkhalan kariimaa ".

His full name is Abdullah bin Qais ibn Sulaym ibn Hadhar bin bin Aamir ibn Harb, and continued until the Ash'ari nasabnya son Adad. The Prophet called him the "Abdullah bin Qais," as in the hadith narrated from Abi Musa Ra, that the Prophet said to him: "O 'Abdullah bin Qais, I teach you willing is one sentence from the treasury of heaven? namely (la hawla wala quwwata illa billah) ". And also the prayer of the Prophet hadith mentioned above was. While the nickname "Abu Musa" is taken from the name of one of her children.

Early Sign of the Prophet of Islam and His Life TogetherBefore meeting with the Prophet in Mecca there are doubts on him to seek a job and work in the market-the market and the seasons in Mecca, but with indecision is one reason his conversion to Islam, which is when he left the ancestral land of Yemen, towards Mecca and heard that in this country there is a messenger who invited and urged to monotheism and to God the things that make sense and with a noble character.

So he became acquainted with the Prophet and accepted Islam by actively following the lessons of his adding guidance and confidence. He converted to Islam at the beginning of the prophetic period and included in the class "Assabiquuna ila-l-Islam", with the argument he's immigration together the muhajirin to Habasyah after pressure and violence and torture committed people - the polytheists against them. Then after some time he returned to his native country conveying the sentence of God, so many of his people, who converted to Islam.

And when he heard that the Prophet migrated to Medina to see the Prophet to join together to build a new society and the Daulah Islamiyah Islamic. Mentions the Prophet led by Abu Musa is the name "Al-Asy'ariyiin". From that day he continues to participate in and engaged with the believers and Muslims became companions and disciples of the Prophet in carrying treatise God until his death.Abu Musa in the life after Islam had noble qualities. He was a great warrior and archer resilient when faced with an emergency matters. And he was also a wise jurist who has a brilliant brain that is capable of solving some of the kinds of problems as well as provide illumination light on the issue fatwas and court, so he was named as one of the four judges ummah, as said by Imam As-Sya'biy , "Qodhotu hazihi al-umma arba'atun: Umar, Ali, Zaid ibn Thabit wa Abu Musa".

In the field of jihad, Abullah bin Qais has a great sense of responsibility to compete in the glory he dared to put his life, so he was dubbed by the Prophet as "the leader of the soldiers riding" as narrated by Ibn Sa'd of Na'im bin Yahya At-Tamimiy, that the Prophet once said, "Saidu al-fawarisi, Abu Musa".

He also has to follow a few battles along the Prophet in the face of the idolaters, including the battle of Tabuk. And after the war, the Prophet sent him to Yemen as a preacher and mu'allim and guardian, also sent to teach the Koran together Mu'az bin Jabal in different areas, but the distance is not far away so that the two remain intertwined relationship communication.

This is done when it comes to her messenger Prophet Hamir king of Yemen (Seems Himyar Safe). then he chose of his friends who can be trusted and have a thorough knowledge of religion, then diutuslah them both, Malik ibn 'Ubadah and some other friends. This is a great concern of the Prophet against Yemen expert.

Ibn Hajar al-'Asqolany said that he sent Abu Musa to Yemen because of intelligence and deep understanding of Islam. In the year to 10 Hijrah, Abu Musa returned from Yemen to the Prophet Muhammad to perform the Hajj, which is called the Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajj separation). Messenger has authorized him to give up his death fatwa even until the caliphate of Abu Bakr and Umar something from 'an huma. This all shows will be the depth of his knowledge and obedience to the caliph.

When the Prophet died, which coincide after three days killed "Al-Kazzaab '' Ka'b ibn al-Abhalah'Anasiy, a shaman who claimed to be a prophet in Yemen. This is a great trial for Abu Musa that when it was there, after his return from the Farewell Pilgrimage.

Abu Musa life After Death of the ProphetDuring the caliphate of Abu Bakr Ra he set out to become a guardian in Yemen. And during the caliphate of Umar bin Khattab Ra, Abu Musa has managed to arrange administration Basrah region, also succeeded in memimpi military forces. It is a great mercy of God for help against him with His help to her, so she was able to conquer some of the city and country, and has won God in combat leaders "Al-Daulah Farisiyah" with kecerdikkan and sharpness of thought.

At the end of the year 23 Hijrah Amir al-Mumineen Umar Ra died were killed as a martyr, and Abu Musa armpit it was in Basrah teaching and propaganda struggle submit to God, but nevertheless he has been informed through ru'yah which are miracles that have God gave him, as has been issued by Ibn Sa'd in Tabaqoot with isnaad from Abu musa (Hayatu As- Shohabah juz 3, p 666).

After dibaiatnya Caliph 'Uthman, he menbetapkan Abi Musa as regent in Basrah for six years, after the escape of the mandate, many libel trials and challenges he faced in delivering the message of divine law and to the caliphate of Ali and ends at the end his life during the reign of Mu'awiya.

Character And Its properties NobleSome advantages of the manners and noble plumb-sipatnya that is in Abu Musa has been recognized by the Prophet himself until he mendo'akannya and teach him the treasury of heaven. It's all clear as manners and noble properties, began its life together, with the khulafa ar-rasyidiin until his death.He is very well known for the depth of the science of religion, a religious expert who wara, has a shy carpenter, an ascetic in the world, strong in the establishment and noble qualities that the other bears. Az-Zahabiy said, "Abu Musa is a sura qori which has a beautiful and prominent in Basrah in a read and understand the Quran."

Besides, as someone who has 'great izzah in studying, either from the Prophet or from friends, he also teaches science that has gained it to others, practice the words of the Prophet, "Khairukum man ta'allama Al-Qurana wa' allamahu "(HR. Bukhari).

With all his might he taught the Quran and provide an explanation to the community in every area that he came, helped with reading and a beautiful voice when reading the Quran, can attract the attention of the surrounding community to gather around it. Due to the many student of knowledge that is present, then he divides them into several groups Halaqah science study religion, as he had done in the mosque Basrah. Abu Musa also has a great concern in the study Sunnah and history-history, and so cling to the Sunnah of the Prophet, as he has to convey advice to children and their families when death came.

Death ofThe scholars differed on the anniversary of the death of Abu musa. Most of what they say, no more than four years to move tens of years, including Ibn al-Athir opinion said, "Abu Musa died in Kufa, and said in Mecca in the year 42 Hijrah, and said in 44 Hijrah, at that time he 63-year-old. "As Az-Zahaby also confirmed that he died in the year 44 Hijrah Zulhijjah, Allahu knows best.Before his death, he still managed to give warnings and advice for children and their families to keep beriltizam against the Sunnah. And a glory of God to make a lot of families with children, grandchildren until the descendents became scholars, qodhi and narrator of hadith, which is the blessing of prayer and blessing the Prophet received his sincerity. 

Thus the journey of the life of a friend of the Prophet who is an expert worship, wara, Mujahid and faqih, hopefully we all can take ibrah from it all and may Allah give guidance to us in moving toward achieving his blessing and we are in a state mewafatkan Faith and Islam. Amen. "Rabbana-ghfir lana wa li-ikhwanina allaziina sabaquuna bil-iimaan wala taj'al fi- quluubina ghillan lil-a-manu laziina Rabbana innaka Raufu-r- Raheem. 

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