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Abu Hurayrah (Died 57 H)

Abu Hurayrah was a friend of the most widely narrated hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully, he narrated the hadith hadith as many as 5374.

Abu Hurayrah embraced Islam in 7 H, Khibar war years, the Prophet himself who gave the nickname "Abu Hurayrah", when he was looking at bringing a small cat. The nickname of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully recently due to his love for her. 

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala grant the prayer of the Prophet that Abu Hurayrah awarded memorizing strong. He is most widely recitation among other companions. 

At the time of Umar became the Caliph, Abu Hurayrah be employees in Bahrain, because many hadiths narrated Umar never menetangnya and when Abu Huraira reported the words of the Prophet shalallaahu alaihi respectfully: "Whoever knowingly lie with my name, let him provide his ass to lick hellfire ". Then Umar said, you should go and tell the hadith. 

Shu'bah ibn al-Hajjaj noticed that Abu Hurayrah narrated from Ka'b al-Akhbar and also narrated from the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully, but he did not distinguish between the two memoirs. Shu'bah also accused him tadlis, but Bishr ibn Sa'id refused utterance of Abu Hurayrah Shu'bah. And insisted: "And fear Allah and be careful of the hadith. By Allah, I have seen we often sit on the panel of Abu Hurayrah. He tells the hadith of the Prophet and also tell us the history of Ka'b al-Akhbar. Then he stood , then I expect to hear from some people who were with us to exchange the hadiths of the Prophet with a history of Ka'b. And that of Ka'b be of the Prophet. "So tadlis was not sourced from Abu Hurayrah himself, but of those who narrated from him.

We would be content to hear the Imam Shafi'i: "Abu Hurayrah is the most memorized among the narrators of hadith of his day". 

Marwan I've invited Abu Hurayrah to write the history of it, then he asked about what he wrote, and Abu Hurayrah said: "Nothing more and nothing less and arrangement sequence". 

Abu Hurairah narrated hadith from / ash Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ubai bin Ka'b, Uthman ibn Za'id, Aisha and other companions. While the number of people who narrated it more than 800 people, consisting of friends and tabi'in. among other companions narrated from Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah ibn Umar, Jabir bin Abdullah, and Anas bin Malik, whereas among tabi'in among others Sa'id ibn al-Musayyab, Ibn Sirin, Ikrimah, Ata ', Mujahid and Ash-sya'bi. 

Most saheeh sanad stemming therefrom is Ibn Shihab az-Zuhr, from Sa'id ibn al-Musayyab, from him (Abu Huraira). 

The most Dlaif is as-Sari bin Sulaiman, from Dawud ibn Yazid al-Audi of his father (Yazid al-Audi) from Abu Hurayrah. 

Noble Companions Abu Hurayrah was one of them. Indeed he has exceptional talent in the ability and power of memory. Abu Hurayrah has the advantage in the art of capturing what he hears, his memory has the privilege of being in terms of memorizing and save. He hearing, he saved then etched in his memory until memorized, he almost never forget a word or a single word of what he had heard, though older and time has also been changing. Therefore, he has been donating his life for more accompany the Prophet so that includes the most accepting and memorizing hadith, and narrated.

 When it comes time-forger forger of hadith who deliberately make false hadiths and false, as if it came from the Prophet. They manipulate the name of Abu Hurayrah and blaming use his fame in the Hadith narrated from the Prophet., So often they issued a "hadith", using the words: - "Said Abu Hurairah ..." 

With this act almost their cause fame Abu Hurayrah and his position as the transmitter of hadith of the Prophet. into daydreams of doubt and question mark, even if it no effort with difficulty and extraordinary perseverance, and a lot of time that has been spent by the main figures of the scholars of Hadith who have devoted their lives to berhidmat to the tradition of the Prophet and get rid of any Additional put into it. ' 

There Abu Hurayrah escaped from falsehood network and additions are deliberately going to be smuggled by the destroyer into Islam, the scapegoat of Abu Hurayrah and impose their sin and evil to him. 

Each time you hear a preacher or speaker or preacher Friday said imposing a sentence of Abu Hurayrah said he, has said the Prophet ...... "I said when andamendengar this name in a series of words, and when you see him a lot, Well a lot of the books of hadith, sira, jurisprudence and religious books in general, then it transpired that you are met with a personal, among the many most personal likes hanging out with the Prophet and listen to his saying ... ..Karena that treasuries are amazing in terms of Hadith and directives are full of wisdom who memorized from the Prophet rarely obtained incomparable ... And with God-given talents that have along the treasury Hadith, Abu Hurayrah was one of the most able to take you to the days of the life of the Prophet and his companions and carry you around, if you're strong faith and Standby spirited, rounded corners and various horizon which proves the greatness of Muhammad shalallah 'alaihi wasallam. Companions-companions along it and give meaning to this life and lead it towards awareness and common sense. And if the lines you face have moved your desire to know more about Abu Hurayrah and listen to the news, then please you fulfill your wish. 

He is one who perceives the Islamic revolution, with all the amazing changes that created. Of hirelings become landlady or employer. 

Of a man stranded in the middle of a sea of ​​people, became a priest and follow .... ! And of a man who fell down before the stones were arranged, into those who believe in one God, the Mighty .... Here he now recalled, and said: 
 "I grew up in an orphan, and went to move in a poor state .... I accept wages as a maid in Busra bint Ghazwan order to fill my stomach! I who serve families that when they are settled and guided his mount when the animals are on the go .... Now here I am, God has Busrah daughter in marriage, then praise be to God who has made this religion pole enforcement, and make Abu Hurayrah follow ummah ... ..! " 

He came to the Prophet in the seventh year of Hijrah when he was at Khaibar he embraced Islam because of the encouragement love and longing .... And since he met the Prophet; and pledge allegiance to him, he almost did not split up again thereof except in moments of sleep .... That goes for the four years that passes along the Prophet. ie, since he converted to Islam until the death of the prophet, went to the side of the Most High. We say: "Time is like a four year old man like a lengthy, full of all good, from the words, until the deed and hearing ...! ' 

With a strong nature, Abu Hurayrah got a great opportunity to enable it to play an important role in religious devotion to God. 

War hero among the Companions, a lot .... Jurisprudent, proselytizing interpreters and teachers have also not a little .... 

But the environment and society require writing and writers. At that time the human race in general, so it is not just limited to the Arabs alone, not concerned with writing. And writing it yet Again is evidence of progress in any society. 

Even Europe itself also this is the case since the period of time recently. Most of the king-rajnya, no exception Charlemagne as the main character, is people who are illiterate, do not know literacy, whereas according to the standards of the time, they memiiiki intelligence and great ability .... 

Back to the conversation we began to see Abu Hurayrah, he baganana its nature can explore the needs of the new society built by Islam, namely the need for people who can see and maintain the legacy and teachings. At that time did the Companions who were able to write, but their numbers are few, especially in part not have the opportunity to record hadiths spoken by the Apostle. 

Actually Abu Hurayrah is not a writer, he just memorized a skilled expert, in addition to have this opportunity or able to make the necessary opportunity, because he had no land to cultivate, and do not have a commercial that will be taken care of .... 

He also realized that he was among those who converted to Islam later, he was determined to catch up, by following the Apostle continuously and regularly accompanies majlisnya .. Then he realized also their talent is a gift from God to him, in the form of extensive memory power and strong , and growing stronger, sharper and wider with prayer Apostle, so the talent is given God thanks. 

He prepared himself and use the talents and abilities divine gift to take responsibility and maintain this important heritage and handing it down to later generations .... 

Abu Hurayrah not tegolong in line writer, but as- which we have pointed out, he is a skilled adalahseorang memorize more powerful memory .... Because he had no land to be planted or commerce that will keep her busy, she did not split Hengan Apostles, both in transit and in times settled .... 

That he mempermahir himself and sharpness of his memory for memorizing the hadiths of the Prophet of Allaah be upon him blessings and guidance. When the Apostle has come home to Rafikul'Ala, Abu Hurayrah constantly deliver Hadith Hadith, which cause most companions were astonished, wondering in the liver, where it comes hadiths, when he heared and he saved in memory .... 

Abu Hurayrah has given an explanation to eliminate this suspicion, and remove doubts that infect son companions, then he said: "Gentlemen have said that Abu Hurayrah lot of issuing the Hadith of the Prophet .... And gentlemen say also those immigrants who had formerly thereof to Islam, there is no telling hadiths that ..? Know that the companions-sahahabatku those immigrants that, busy with their trade in the markets, are shahabat- Sahabahs people busy Ansar degan their farms. While I was a poor, the most widely accompanying majlis the Prophet, then I was present when the other is absent and I always remember if they forget because of the rush.

And the Prophet never spoke to us in a day, he said: "Who is unfurled his turban to finish my talks, then he grabbed it to him, then he would not be oblivious to a matter of what has heared from me!" 

So I paving my fabric, then he spoke to me, then I picked up the cloth to me, and for the sake of Allah, there is no one else who forgot me from what I have heard of it ...! By God, if not because of the verses in the Book of Allah surely will not be the slightest I proclaim to you too! The verse is: "Verily those who conceal anything we have sent down in the form of statements and instructions, after we proclaim to the people in their Book that is cursed by Allah and cursed by the curser (angels)! " 

So Abu Hurayrah explain why only secret he alone who spend a lot of history of Prophet: 
- First, because he vacate the time to accompany the Prophet more than the other Companions. 

- Secondly, because he has a strong memory, which has been given the blessing by the Apostles, until he became more and more powerful. 

- Third, he was told not because he likes to tell, but because of the belief that disseminate the hadiths, the responsibility of Religion and life. If it does not mean he hid goodness and truth, and includes a person who fails the course will receive a negligence penalty! 

That is why he should just preach, there is nothing that prevents and nobody should forbid it ... until one day, Amir al-Mumineen Umar said to him: "Be ye stop delivering news of the Prophet! If not, then I'll return you to the land of Dice ...! "(Ie the land and his family). 

However, this prohibition does not contain an allegation of Abu Hurayrah, just as the inaugural from something view held by Umar, namely that the Muslims in that time period, not read and memorize the others, except al-quran until he sticks and steady in the hearts and minds .... 

Al-Quran is the holy book of Islam, the Constitution and the full dictionary and too many 'stories about the Prophet. more especially in the years following the death of the Prophet., while collected Quran, can cause confusion and mix-ups are useless and do not need to happen.

Because of this, Umar gave the message: "Be busy yourself with the Quran because he is the word of God ...". And he said again: "Reduce your narrates about the Prophet except that concerning his deeds!" 

And when he mngutus Abu Musa al-Ash'ari to Iraq he advised, to him: - "Surely you will come to a people who in their mosque al-quran recitation sounded like the sound of bees. So leave like that and you do not falter in their with hadith, and I become your support in this matter ....! " 

Qur'an has been compiled with meticulous way, to guarantee its authenticity without infiltrated by other things ... .. As for the hadith, then Umar can not guarantee its free of forgery or alteration or taken as a means of making it up to Prophet and harm Islam ... .. 

Abu Hurayrah appreciate Umar the view, but he also believes in herself and firmly fulfill the mandate, that he did not want to hide a matter of Hadith and science during his belief that hiding it is a sin and a crime. 

Thus, whenever there is an opportunity to dump the contents of the chest in the form of Hadith had ever heard and the arrest still delivered and said .... 

Only there is also a worrying thing, which creates difficulties for Abu Hurayrah, because he often told me and many hadith that is the artisan another hadith that spread ahaadeeth from Prophet. with embroider and exaggerate to the Companions did not feel satisfied with most of the Hadith-hadith. Man it's called Ka'b al-ahbaar, a Jew who converted to Islam. 

On a day Marwan bin Hakam intends to test the ability of Abu Hurayrah memorize anhu. So he called her and brought sat with him, then asked to preach the hadiths of Rasusullah shalallah alaihi wasallam. Meanwhile he sent the author wrote what Abu Hurayrah narrated anhu from behind the wall. After one year passed, he called back and asked Abu Huraira recited hadiths again once it has been written secretary. Apparently, nobody had forgotten by Abu Hurayrah though somewhat word.  

He says about himself: - "Nobody from the companions of the Prophet which more memorizing hadith from me, except Abdullah bin 'Amr bin' Ash, because he was good at writing it while I did not ..". And Imam Shafi'i also expressed his opinion about Abu Hurayrah: "He was a most familiar among all the narrators of Hadith neighbor". While Imam Bukhari said also: "There were eight hundred men or more of the Companions tabi'in and geographer who narrated the hadith of Abu Hurayrah". 

Abu Hurayrah including the expert worship to draw closer to God, always do worship with his wife and their children in turn all night, at first he was just a third of the night with a prayer followed by a third wife and a third night again utilized by daughter ... With Thus, no one else is currently passed every night in the house of Abu Hurayrah, but lasted there worship, devotions and prayers! 

Because of his desire to focus on accompanying the Prophet. he never suffered from hunger pangs that rarely affects other people. And once he told us how hunger has been biting his stomach, then tied the stone with his turban to his stomach and gut ditekannnya with both hands, and then he fell out in the mosque rambil writhe in pain until some friends expected it apoplexy, when there was not ...! 

Since he embraced Islam no aggravating and distressing Abu Huraiiah of life's problems, except for one problem that almost caused it can not close my eyes. The problem is about the mother, because at that time he refused to convert to Islam .... Not just get there alone, even he hurt his feelings with vilify the Prophet in front of him ... 

One day his mother was re-issued a painful words for Abu Hurayrah about Prophet., Until he could not hold back tears because of sadness, then he went to the mosque Apostles ... Let's take a listen to it tells the story continued occurrence was as follows: 

Sobbing I came to the Prophet, and then I said: "O Allah's Apostle, I had asked my mother to Islam, teaching was rejected, and today I was just, asked him to convert to Islam. In reply he even get the words I do not like about yourself. Therefore please do pray to God that my mother would impelled him to Islam .... "  

Then Prophet, prayed: "O Allah Abu Hurairah tunjukkilah mother!" 

I ran to get my mother to deliver the good news about the Prophet Du'a. When I got to the door, I found the door was locked. From the outside hunyi sound of water splashing, and the mother's voice calling: "O Abu Hurayrah, wait at your place ...!" 

At the time the mother came out he was wearing parentheses, and wrapped a shawl while saying: "Ashhadu alla ilaha illallah, wa anna Muhammadan Ashhadu 'abduhu wa Rasuluh."

I immediately ran to
Prophet. weeping for joy, as formerly I weep with sorrow, and I said to him: 
"I Tell tidings O Allah's Apostle, that God has grant your Du'a ..., God may guide her into Islam ...". Then I said also: "O Rasulallah, please pray to God, so that I and my mother loved by people Muslim, both men and women!" Then the Apostle pray: "O God, please make her mother and their loved by all people Muslim, male and female ...! " 

Abu Hurayrah life as an expert worship and a mujahid ... she never missed in the war, nor of worship. At the time of Umar ibn Khatthab he was appointed as the amir to the area of ​​Bahrain, while Umar as we know it is a very hard and careful review of the appointment of officials. When he lifted one is it has two pairs of clothes so as to leave his post later that people should only have two pairs of clothes also ...... more mainstream even if he only has one pair! When the time to leave the office, there are signs of wealth, then he can not escape from the interrogation Umar, though it comes from the wealth kosher allowed Personality '! Another world .... Filled by Umar with things wonderful and amazing ... Apparently when Abu Hurayrah took office as the head of Bahrain he had kept the treasure that comes from a lawful source. It is known by Umar, then he also summoned to come to Medina ...... And let's hear Abu Hurairah, explained curtly replied that lasted about them with Amirul Mumineen Umar: Umar said: "O enemy of Allah and His Book enemies, what you has stolen the treasure of God? "I answered:" I am not the enemy of God, nor his enemies books. Only I became the enemy is hostile to both and I'm not the one who stole the treasure of God..! Where did you get ten thousand it? Horse mine reproduce and giving people coming .... Restore the property to the state treasury (Baitul Maal) ...! " 

Abu Hurayrah submit these riches to Umar, then he raised his hands towards the sky while berdu'a: "O Allah, forgive Amir al-Mumineen." 

Not after some duration. Omar Abu Hurayrah call back and offer her position in the new territory. But rejection and asked forgiveness because they can not accept it. Umar said to him: "Why, why?" Replied Abu Hurayrah: "To honor not to reproach, not deprived of my possessions, my back does not hit ...!" 

Then he said lag i: "And I'm afraid to punish without knowledge and speak without mercy ...!"

On a day is missed Abu Hurayrah about to meet with God .... While people who visit prayer speedy recovery from his illness, he himself repeatedly memohan God and say: "O Allah, I have longed want to meet with you, I hope you were so ...!" In the age of 78 year, the year that the 59th Hijri he passed away to Rahmatullah.

Around the righteous people occupant Pandam Baqi cemetery ', in a place that receive a blessing, that's where his body was laid ...! And while those who escort the body back from the cemetery, mouth and their tongues endlessly reading the Hadith of Abu Hurayrah delivered to those of the glorious Apostles ...... ..

One of them new to Islam asked her: "Why do we sheikh who has passed away is given the title of Abu Hurairah (father cat)?" Of his friend who had known would answer: "At the time of ignorance Abdusy Syamsi first name, and when he embraced Islam, he was named by the Apostle with Abdurrahman. He was very compassionate to animals and have a cat, which is always given to eat, he was carrying, cleaned and given the place. Cats that always accompanies it as if shadow shadow. This is why he was given the title "Father of Cats", hopefully God
pleasure him and make pleasure to God. "

 He died in 57 H at Aqiq. 

- Copied from: Biography of Abu Hurayrah in Ishabah Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani No. 1179, Tahdheeb al 'asthma: An-Nawawi 2/270.

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