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Abdullah bin Hudzafah as-Sahmi (Died 28 H)

Friends who converted to Islam from an early age had followed emigration to Abessinia then migrate to Madinah. He had followed the conquest of the region of Sham (Syria and surrounding areas), but his unfortunate captive by Roman forces in a raid in Kaisariah. He died in Egypt in the reign of Uthman ibn Affan.

A friend who is known as Abdullah ibn as-Sahmi Huzhafah. History has recorded the exploits of these men as heroes who never disappear from the minds of Arabs, Muslims and even won praise to Abdullah ibn Huzhafah by bringing world leaders during his lifetime as D'Andrea Persian and Roman Emperor. The story of Abdullah Ibn Huzhafah with the king was a story that will not be forgotten of all time and will always be etched in history.

The story of the D'Andrea King of Persia occurred in 6 H when the Prophet intended to send his companions to deliver some letters to the kings of the non-Arab to invite them to Islam. And the Prophet fully aware of the risk of that task. The delegates will go to the areas specified by the Prophet who had never traveled before. The envoys had not mastered their language and do not know how the character of the kings. They will invite the kings to abandon their religion, authority and power to release them, then embrace a religion that before these followers coming from their own communities. This is a very risky journey. Life and return safely or die there.

Because the noble task and this weight, the Prophet gathered his companions and preach to them. After saying hamdalah read the creed, the Prophet said, "Amma ba'du. Indeed, I intend to send you to the king majority of non-Arab. So you do not hostile to them as the children of Israel to Isa Ibn Maryam. "

The friend said to the Messenger of Allah, "O Messenger of Allah, we will do what you want. So please send anyone of us that you want. "

Prophet of Allaah alaihi wasallam. choose his six companions to deliver a letter to the king's propaganda Arabs and non-Arabs. One of them was Abdullah ibn as-Sahmi Huzhafah. He was sent to deliver a letter to D'Andrea Prophet King of Persia.

Abdullah ibn Huzhafah have prepared the way. He left his wife and kids. On the way, he was up and down the hills and valleys alone. Nothing is accompanied besides Allaah until he set foot on the housing Persia. He then asked for permission to see their king, one of the guards took the letter he was carrying.

At that time, D'Andrea told guards to call the court officials to attend assemblies. They also present everything. Afterwards, Abdullah Ibn Huzhafah allowed to enter the palace.

Abdullah enter upon D'Andrea simply by wearing thin clothes, scarves are sewn thick. He was so reflects the simplicity of the Arabs.

However, he was a tall strapping, broad shoulders and provides for the glory of Islam, strong faith has taken root in his heart. When D'Andrea saw firmly and told one of his bodyguards took the letter in his hand, Abdullah said, "No. Prophet told me to give it to you straight and I do not want to violate the trust of the Prophet. "

D'Andrea was told his bodyguard, "Let him give it to me."Then Abdullah approached D'Andrea and handed over the letter. Then D'Andrea call an Arab writer of Hirah and told him to open the letter in his hand and read the letter to him.

Bismillahirhamanirrahim.From Muhammad the Messenger of Allah to the great King of Persia D'Andrea, the safety of those who follow the instructions.

When D'Andrea heard the sentence cuts, fire flaming stifling anger chest. His face was flushed, sweat out of anger, because the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam start his own name. D'Andrea directly seize the letter and tore it without wanting to know the contents of the letter continued. He said in an angry tone, "Did he write this for me, and he is my servant?"

Then he drove Abdullah ibn Huzhafah of the palace. Abdullah was immediately out. Abdullah ibn Huzhafah out of the palace D'Andrea and she did not know what would happen to him. Killed or left free? However, he remained confident and said, "By Allah, I do not care what happens after I submit a letter of the Apostle."

Then he was riding his horse and go. After D'Andrea anger subsided, he ordered his guards to call Abdullah, but Abdullah is not there. They were looking for him in every place. They looked it up on the way to the Arab and they just found a used trail.

When Abdullah to the Messenger, he told him what had happened about D'Andrea who tore his letter. Hearing this, the apostle simply said, "God will destroy the kingdom."

Then, D'Andrea told his deputy, Badzan, in Yemen to send two strong people of Hijaz to follow Abdullah and bring it back. Then Badzan sent two men to meet her choice Messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam to deliver a letter. The letter shows that the Apostle let people bring Abdullah to D'Andrea immediately. Badzan asked the two men met Apostles and expressed his concern.

Then the two men were soon departed. When he reached the Ta'if, he met the traders of Quraysh and asked them about the Prophet of Allaah alaihi wasallam. They replied, "He is now in Yathrib."The traders had brought the good news to Mecca. They tell the good news to the Quraish and said, "Cheer up. Indeed, D'Andrea will deter Muhammad and will stop preaching. "

While the two delegations that continue the journey to Medina. After the Prophet of Allaah alaihi wasallam, they provide Badzan letter and said, "Maharaja D'Andrea wrote to our king, Badzan, to pick up the return of people who came to him a few days ago. We came to pick him up. If you permit, D'Andrea to thank you and cancel his intention to attack. If you are reluctant to allow it, then he is as you know, the power will be memusnahkanmu and your people. "

Prophet smiled and said to the messenger, "Now you two go home and come back again tomorrow."

The next day, the envoy returned to the Prophet of Allaah alaihi wasallam and said, "Do you have prepared what we will take to see D'Andrea?"

The Prophet said, "You two are not going to see D'Andrea after today. God will kill him. On this night, this month, his son, Syirawaih will kill him. "

They stared at the face of the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam, they look very furious and said, "Do you realize what you said? We would accuse him Badzan. "

The Messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam replied, "Please! Tell him, 'My religion will be up and spread across the kingdom D'Andrea.' And you, if you converted to Islam I will make you king for your people. "

The two envoys went from the presence of the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam. They immediately went to see Badzan and told him what had happened. Badzan said, "If it is true what you say, it means that he really was a prophet. If not, we will see what will happen. "

Not long ago they shared Badzan, there came a letter from Syirawaih, "I have killed D'Andrea to avenge our people. He has killed people we Gentlemen, our charming women, and robs our treasures. If this letter came to hand, then I am now is your king. "

After reading the letter, he threw it away and immediately declared Islam, then people Furs and Yemen also embraced Islam.

That glimpse of a meeting between Abdullah ibn story Huzhafah and D'Andrea Parsi. Then how is the story of his encounter with the Great Emperor Rum? The meeting took place during the caliphate of 'Umar Ibn al-Khattab radi' anhu .. The incident is an extremely impressive story.

In the year 19 H, Umar Ibn al-Khattab sent combat troops Roman. One of them was Abdullah ibn as-Sahmi Huzhafah. At that time, the Great Emperor news of the arrival of the troops of the Roman know Muslims, the power of faith that is in their chest, their firm belief and sincerity over themselves in the way of Allah.

Then he sent his troops with a win over the Muslim forces to bring alive a prisoner to him and God ordained Abdullah ibn Huzhafah included in the Roman army prisoners. They bring Huzhafah stand before Caesar. They said, "This man is a prisoner of the companions of Muhammad who have long embraced Islam. We bring it to you. "

Roman King Abdullah Ibn Huzhafah stared deeply and said, "I'm going to offer you something?"Abdullah replied, "What is it?"

King of the Romans said, "I offered you to embrace Christianity. If you do, I'll set you free and give you glory. "

Abdullah said, "Get thee behind me, in fact, I prefer death over a thousand times more than what you have to offer."

The emperor said, "But I see you as a man who knight. If you grant my offer, I would give you kingdom and make you a leader. "

Smile Abdullah who tied it and said, "By Allah, if you were going to give the whole kingdom and the entire kingdom is in Arabic so I left the religion of Muhammad, it will never do."

The king then said, "I'll kill you!" Abdullah said, "Please do what you want."

Then the Emperor ordered his guards to crucify Abdullah. He said to his executioner, "
Arrow from near the start of his hand."

King of the Romans it continues to offer Abdullah to embrace Christianity, but Abdullah remains in the establishment.

The king said, "Arrow legs," while continuing to offer Abdullah to leave the religion of Muhammad. However, Abdullah remained in the establishment.

Then the King of the Romans had been ordered to stop and lowering Abdullah of the cross. Then he ordered to take a large frying pan and put oil into it. Then it was heated in the fireplace cauldron. And he brought the prisoners and threw one of them into it, so that the meat is crushed and melted until bony.

Then the emperor turned to Abdullah ibn Huzhafah and invited him to embrace Christianity. But the results, Abdullah more stable stance.

When the emperor was desperate, he was ordered to throw into the cauldron Abdullah has entered two companions. When going in, she was crying and tears streaming down. The guards had also told King of the Romans was that Abdullah crying.

King of the Romans was thought that Abdullah was afraid and said, "Restore it to me."

When in front of the King of the Romans, he again offered embraced Christianity, but Abdullah remained reluctant. The emperor said, "Woe to you! So what made you cry? "

Abdullah said, "What makes me cry is that I said to myself, 'Now you're thrown into this cauldron and you were dead, while I'd love to have the life that much for my body, so everything is thrown into the cauldron in the way of Allah.'"

Emperor and said, "Will you kiss my forehead and I will let you go?"

Abdullah said, "You will release all the Muslims?"

The emperor said, "Yes, all the Muslims."

Abdullah said, "I said in my heart. He is the enemy of God, I kissed her forehead and then he let me go and all the Muslims, it was no problem for me. "

Then he approached and kissed her forehead. Then the Emperor release and all the Muslims.After the incident, Abdullah ibn Umar Ibn Huzhafah come before Khattab radi 'anhu ... Then he told me all that happened. Hearing that story, Umar al-Faruq very happy.

When he saw the prisoners, he said, "Every Muslim is obliged to kiss the forehead of Abdullah ibn Huzhafah. And I am going to kiss first. "Then he stood up and kissed her forehead.


- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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