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Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum (Died 14 H)

Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Syuraikh, a friend's home Quraishi including participants migrated to Medina first group. He reached Madina before the arrival of the Prophet Shalalahu 'alaihi Wassalam. He died in war Qadisiah oversees a brigade.

'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum, the Quraysh tribe of Mecca. He has family ties with Rasululah Shalalahu 'alaihi Wassalam. That child's uncle Khadijah bint Umm al-Mumineen Khuwailid. His father Qais bin Zaid, and his mother 'Atikah bint Abdullah. Her mother titled "Umm Maktoum" because his son 'Abdullah was born in a state of total blindness.

'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum watched as the light of Islam began to radiate in Makkah. Allah enlarges the chest accept the new religion. Because it is no doubt he does not belong to a group that first convert to Islam. As the first Muslim group, 'Abdullah also bear all sorts of ups and downs of the Muslims in Makkah when it was. He also suffered the torment of the Quraysh as his comrades suffered in religion, in the form of persecution and various other acts of violence. But whether because of acts of violence that Ibn Umm Maktoum give up? Do Not ......! He never backed down and not weak in faith. In fact he is getting hold fast to the teachings of Islam and the Book of Allah. He increasingly diligent search for understanding of Islamic law and seringh Prophet came to the gathering.

So diligent he came to the gathering of the Prophet, listen and memorize the Qur'an, so any free time is always
filled in, and any chance of a good is always called. In fact, he is very fussy. Because fussy, he was lucky to get what he wanted from the Prophet, in addition to other benefits for others as well.

In the early period, the Prophet often hold a dialogue with the leaders of Quraysh, hopefully expect them to Islam. One day he met with 'Utba bin Rabi'a, Syaibah bin Rabi'a,' Amr ibn Hisham alias Abu Jahl, Umayyah ibn Khalaf and walid bin Mughirah, saifullah father Khalid bin walid.Prophet negotiate and exchange ideas with them about Islam. He really wanted them to accept propaganda and stop the persecution of his companions.

While he was negotiating in earnest, suddenly 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum came interfere ask him recited verses of the Qur'an.

The word 'Abdullah, "Yes, Messenger of Allah! Teach me the verses that have been taught by God to you! "

Terlengah glorious Apostles care demand 'Abdullah. In fact, he is rather indifferent to the interruption. Then he backs' Abdullah and resume talks with the leaders of the Quraish. Hopefully with their Islamic, Islamic da'wah grow stronger and smoothly.

Finished talking with them, the Prophet intended going home. B
ut suddenly his vision was dark and his head ached like getting hit. Then Allah revealed His word to him: "He (Muhammad) frowned and turned away, because a blind dating him, you know, maybe he wants to cleanse himself (from sin), or he (want) to get teaching, and teaching it to give benefit him? As for those who feel themselves as self-sufficient, then you serve it. Though there is no (censure) on you if they do not clean themselves (faith). As for the people who come to you with rushes (for teaching), while he fear (Allah), then you ignore it. At all times do not (so)! Indeed, it is a reminder of God's teachings. So who wants yanag surely he noticed. (Doctrine doctrine) contained in the books that glorified, exalted again purified, in the hands of the noble messengers again (always) worship. "(QS. 80: 1-16).

Sixteen verses that are delivered Jibril Al-Amin into the heart of the Prophet in connection with the events' Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum, who always read since lowered until now, and will continue to be read until the Day of Resurrection.

Since the day that the Prophet did not forget to give a glorious place for 'Abdullah when he came.
Allow He was sitting up in his sitting. He asked his situation and meet their needs. It is no wonder that he glorifies' Abdullah as such; not rebuke from the sky was very loud!When the pressure and persecution of the Quraysh against the Muslims getting heavier and become so, Allah Almighty allowed the Muslims and His Prophet migrated. 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum rushed left to spill his blood to save his religion. He together Mus'ab ibn Umar companions of the Prophet which first of all arrived in Medina, upon his arrival in Yathrib (Medina), 'Abdullah and Mus'ab soon preaching, reciting verses of the Qur'an and teach teaching Isalam.

After the Prophet arrived in Madinah, he raised 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum and Bilal Ibn Rabah be Muezzin Messenger. They both served chanted monotheism sentence five times a day, invite the many good works and encourage people to win. When Bilal call to prayer, then 'Abdullah qamat. And when 'Abdullah azan, then Bilal qamat.

In the month of Ramadan tasks they grow. Bilal azan midnight to dawn wake of the Muslims, and 'Abdullah to prayer when dawn, telling the Muslims Ruling time has been entered, in order to stop the grave of drinking and all that invalidate the fast.

To glorify 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum, several times the Prophet appointed him mayor of Medina replace him, when leaving the city. Seventeen times the job entrusted him to 'Abdullah. One of them, when leaving the city of Medina to liberate the city of Makkah from power the idolaters of Quraysh.After the battle of Badr, Allah revealed the verses of the Qur'an, elevating the Muslims who go to war fi sabilillah. Allah has preferred those degrees went to war over the people who do not go to war, and denounced those who do not go because they want to relax. The verses are very impressive in the heart of 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum. But it is difficult for him to get the glory because he is blind. Then he said to the Prophet, "O, Messenger of Allah! If I'm not blind, I would go to war. "Then he asked Allah with full hearts bow, may Allah revealed the verses as well as to those who
circumstances disabilities (udzur) like him, but their hearts are eager to want to engage in war. He always prayed with all kerendehan heart. He said, "O Allah! Derive the revelation of the people who udzur like me! "Not long after God heard his prayer.

Zaid ibn Thabit, secretary of the Prophet who
tasked with writing revelation tells, "I sat next to the Prophet. Suddenly he was silent, while his thighs located in the upper thigh. I've never felt the heaviest load exceeds the weight of the Prophet when the thigh. After a heavy burden pressing lost my thigh, "he said," Write, O Zaid! "

Then I wrote, "Not at the believers who sit (not fought) with fighters who strive fi sabilillah ... .." (QS. 4: 95).

Ibn Umm stood up and said, "O Messenger of Allah! What about the people who are not able to go to jihad (war because of disability)? "

Finish the question 'Abdullah, the Prophet dwells and his thighs pressed my thighs, as if I bear a heavy burden like that. After a heavy burden was gone, the Prophet said, "Let's read back what you have written!"

I read, "Not at the believers who sit (not fought)." And then he said. Write! "Except for those who can not." Then there came the expected exception expect Ibn Umm Maktoum.

Although God has forgiven Ibn Umm Maktoum and those udzur like him to not jihad, but he was reluctant to relax is with those who do not engage in war. He still completed the determination to engage in war fi sabilillah. Determination that arise in him, because the soul can not be said to be a great big, unless that person bears a great job anyway. So therefore he was very devoted to engage in war and set itself the task on the battlefield.

He said, "Put me between two rows as the flag bearer. I would
holding up tightly to you. I'm blind, so I definitely will not run. "In the fourteenth, Caliph 'Umar decided to enter the Persian a decisive fight, to overthrow a despotic government, and replace it with an Islamic government that is democratic and tawheed. 'Umar ordered the governor and all the princes in his administration, "Let no one ever nevertheless be left out of the armed people, people who have a horse, or a bold, or the sharp-minded, but faced it all to me as soon as possible!"

togather in Medina Muslims from all directions, to the call of Caliph 'Umar. Among them there are a blind soldier, 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum. Caliph 'Umar Sa'ad bin Abi Waqash lifted into the great commanders. Then the Caliph provide directives and guidance to Sa'ad.

After the massive forces that arrived at Qadisiyah. 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum wear armor and equipment perfect. He appeared as the flag bearer of the Muslims and promised to always waved or die flag beside it.

On day three Qadisiyah war, a war raged violently, which has never been seen before. The Muslims won the battle with the greatest victory that has not been captured. So pndahlah great Persian royal power into the hands of the Muslims. And collapsed mahligai the grandest, and the flag of monotheism in the earth Berkibarlah idolaters.

Convincing victory was paid for with the blood and soul of hundreds of martyrs. Among those who were martyred there 'Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum blind. He was found lying on the battlefield bloody martyrdom, hugging the flag of the Muslims.


- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctor 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.