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Abdur Rahman bin Awf (Died 32 H)

Abdur Rahman bin Awf bin Harith bin Venus, a friend of the tribe of Quraysh origin Zuhri was among those who converted to Islam from an early age and includes ten people who are projected to go to heaven by the Prophet as well as including six consultants Prophet. He attended all the wars together Messenger including the battle of Badr. He died in Medina and was buried in Baqi`.

Abdur Rahman bin Awf, including a group of eight friends who first embraced Islam. It includes ten companions who are guaranteed to go to heaven by Rasululah. In addition, it also includes six persons who consulted in the selection of caliph Umar replace. He is a mufti who believed the Prophet to give fatwa in Medina.

Abdur Rahman bin Awf converted to Islam before the Prophet conduct training at home Arqam ibn Abil Arqam, approximately two days after Abu Bakr embraced Islam.
When migrated to Medina, Abdur Rahman bin Awf dipersaudarakan with Sa'd ibn Rabi 'Al-Ansari, one of the generous rich in Medina. Abdurrahman was offered Sa'ad to choose one of two large gardens. But, Abdurrahman rejected. He only asked to Sa'ad shown the location of the market in Medina.

Since then, Abdurrahman bin Auf worked as a trader and earn considerable profit. Merchandise turnover was greater, so that he was known as a successful trader.

However, success was not made him forget himself. He never missed in every battle that led the Prophet. One day, the Prophet addressed membangkitakn spirit of jihad and sacrifice of the Muslims. He said, "you give charity, because I akanmengirim troops into battle." 

With that, Abdur Rahman bin Awf rushed home and immediately returned to the front of the Prophet. "Yes, Messenger of Allah, I have the money four thousand. Two thousand I lent to God, and the rest aya leave for my family, "said Abdurrahman. Then the Prophet prayed for him to be given the blessing by Allaah.

When the Messenger requires a lot of funds to face the Roman army in the battle of Tabuk, Abdur Rahman bin Awf became one of the pioneers in the donated funds. He handed over two hundred uqiyah gold. Seeing this, Umar bin Khattab whispered to the Prophet, "sinner Abdurrahman Presumably, he did not leave the slightest spending money for his family."

So, the Prophet was asked Abdurrahman, "Are you spending money left for your family?" Abdurrahman replied, "Yes, O Messenger of Allah. I left them more and better daripda which I contribute. "" How? "Asked the Prophet. Abdurrahman said, "As much luck, kindness, and God promised wages." Subhan Allah.

Since then, good luck promised God continues to flow like a mighty river flow. Abdur Rahman bin Awf has now become the richest man in Medina.

One day, a convoy of Abdur Rahman bin Awf caravan consisting of 700 camels loaded with food, clothing, and goods arrived in Medina residents. A rumble and frenzy, so Aisha ask someone, "The voice is that?"

The man replied, "The convoy caravan Abdurrahman." Aisha said, "May Allah bestow His blessings to Abdurrahman in the world and the hereafter. I heard the Messenger of Allah said that Abdur Rahman bin Awf enter heaven by crawling. "

The man was immediately met Abdur Rahman bin Awf and tell what he heard from Aisha. Hearing this, he was rushed to Aisha. "O Mother of the Faithful, do you hear his own words from the Prophet?" "Yes," said Aisha. "If I could, I wanted to enter paradise with walking. May the witness's mother, this caravan with the entire vehicle and its payload sabilillah I leave for jihad. "

Since hearing that he was guaranteed to go to heaven, spirit and
alms increased. No less than 40,000 dirhams of silver, 40,000 drachmas of gold, 500 ponytail war, and 1,500 camels monetary affairs he donated to uphold the banner of Islam in the face of the earth. Hearing this, Aisha pray, "May God give him to drink the water from the lake Salsabil (the name of a lake in heaven)."

Towards the end of his life, Abdurrahman been treated to food by someone - when he was fasting. While looking at the food, he said, "Mus'ab bin Umair martyrdom on the battlefield. He's better than me. Dikafan time, if the head is closed, open
curse him. And if her legs closed, his head open. Then He spreads out the earth for us widest. Really, I am very afraid that the reward for us hasten God in this world. "After that, he sobbed.

Abdur Rahman bin Awf died with a charity that much. At his funeral, Commander of the Faithful Ali ibn Abi Talib said, "You've got the love of God, and you have successfully subduing the world falsehood. May God always bless you. Amen. ".

- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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