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Abu Darda (Died 32 H)

His full name is Uwaimir bin Zaid bin Qais, a friend of Ansar hadith narrators, from tribes Khajraj, he memorized the Qur'an from the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. In the battle of Uhud Prophet said about him "most excellent equestrian warrior is Uwaimir" He is used as a brother by Salman Al Farisi Messenger. He followed all the wars that happened after the battle of Uhud.In the reign of Caliph, Abu Darda appointed as Judge in the Sham, he is a mufti (fatwa giver) Sham residents and experts Fiqh Palestinian population.

He narrated the hadith of Sayyida Aisha and Zaid bin Thabit, while narrated from him is his own son Bilal and his wife Umm Darda '. Hadith which he reached 179 hadith narrated. About her Masruq said: "I get the knowledge of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully on six of them from Abu Darda.

Uwaimir ibn Malik al-Khazraji better known as Abu Darda woke up early in the morning. After that, he headed idol in a most special room in his house. He bowed to the statue, then anointed with expensive perfume contained in a large shop, after the statue was given the new clothes of silk magnificent, obtained yesterday from a merchant who came from Yemen and accidentally visited.Once the sun is rather high, then Abu Darda went into the house and preparing to go to his shop. Suddenly the road in Yathrib became crowded, crowded with the followers of the Prophet Muhammad who had just returned from the battle of Badr. In advance once seen a bunch of prisoners consists of the Quraysh. Abu Darda approached the crowd and met a young man Khazraj tribe. Abu Darda asked him keberdaan 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah. Youth Khazraj replied cautiously questions Abu Darda, because he knows how the relationship with Abu Darda 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah. They are two friends had been familiar in the past jahily. After Islam came, 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah immediately converted to Islam, while Abu Darda remain in polytheism. However, it does not lead to friendly relations both to be broken. Because, Abdullah promised to visit Abu Darda any time to engage and pull it into Islam. He was sorry to Abu Darda, because of her age was
spent in polytheism.

Abu Darda arrived at the store at the time. He sat cross-legged on a chair, busy selling and set the waiters. Meanwhile, 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah came to the house of Abu Darda. Up there he saw Umm Darda in his yard.

"Assalamu'alaiki, yes amatallah," (May you be happy, O servant of Allah) said Abdullah saluted."Wa'alaikassalam, yes akha Abi Darda '" (And I hope you're happy too, O companion Abu Darda), responsible Umm Darda.

"Where Abu Darda?" Asked Abdullah.

"He's to the store, but soon he will go home," said Umm Darda.

"May I come in?" Asked Abdullah.

"With all the pleasure, please!" Said Umm Darda.

Umm Darda paved the way for Abdullah, then he went inside and doing the housework and childcare. 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah went into the room where Abu Darda put idol sculpture. Issuance ax deliberately brought. 
Approached the statue, then cut to pieces. He said, "Behold, all that is worshiped besides Allah is vanity!" Upon completion destroy the statue, he left home.

Umm Darda went into the room where the statue is located. How
shocked him, when he saw petung has been shattered and scattered on the floor. Umm Darda wail slapping his cheeks and said, "You demerit me, O Ibn Rawahah." Not long after Abu Darda home from the store. He finds that his wife was sitting near the door of the room weeping statue. Anxiety and fear clearly visible on his face.

"Why are you crying?" Asked Abu Darda.

"Your friend, 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah had come here when you're at the store. He has destroyed the statues of your gods. Try your own watch, "said Umm Darda.

Abu Darda turned to sculpture room, he saw the statue was already in tatters, there arose angry. At first she intends to have sought Abdullah. However, after his anger gradually extinguished, he thought back to what had happened. Then he said, "If the statue is true God, of course he could defend himself."

Thus, the abandonment of misleading the statue, then he went in search of 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah. Together with Abdullah, he went to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully. and states entered the religion of Allah in front of him. Since the first second of Abu Darda faith with God and His Messenger, he really The real faith with faith. He was very apologetic rather late convert to Islam. Meanwhile, his friends who had previously converted to Islam has gained a deep understanding of God's religion, memorized the Koran, always worship, and piety that they always instilled in him at the sight of Allah. Therefore, he was determined to catch up with the
conscientious though he toil day and night, until overtaken those who had gone on ahead. He turned to worship and to sever its links with the world; devote attention to science as a thirsty man, study diligently and memorize the Koran verses, as well as understanding to dig in. When he felt disturbed trade and impede it to worship and attend majlis-majlis science, then the abandonment of his company without hesitation and without regret.

With regard to the firm attitude, people have asked him. So, he replied, "Before the time of the Prophet, I became a merchant. Then, after converting to Islam, I would like to combine trade for worship. By Allah, the soul of Abu Darda in his power, I would hire a porter of the mosque so that I do not miss the prayer in congregation, then I sold and bought and profitable every day 300 dinars. "Then, I looked at the questioner and said," I do not said, Allaah forbid trade. But I want to be a trader, trading and selling when not disturb me to the recollection of God (dhikr). "

Abu Darda not leave the trade altogether. He just left the world with all the jewelry and glory. To him is enough bite of rice just to strengthen the body, and a rough clothes to cover the body.

On a very cold night, the pilgrims spend the night at his house. Abu Darda regaled them a warm meal, but do not give him a blanket. When going to sleep, they questioned the blanket. One of them said, "Let me ask Abu Darda." Said another, "No!" But, those who reject the suggestion that a person who does not agree. He continued to go to the room Abu Darda. Up at the door, he saw Abu Darda lay down, and his wife sat beside him. They both just wear thin that it is impossible to protect them from the cold. The man was said to Abu Darda, "I saw you together with us, the middle of this cold night without a blanket. Wherever wealth and your possessions? "

Abu Darda replied, "We have a house in the village there. Our property immediately be sent to it every time we get. If there are those who live here (in the form of blankets), of course we have given to the gentlemen. In addition, the way to our new home was difficult and climbing. Therefore, carrying goods as possible is better than carrying a heavy-weight goods. We are deliberately lighten our load so easy to carry. "Then Abu Darda asked him," Do you understand? "

The man replied, "Yes, I understand."

In the reign of Caliph Umar, Umar lifted Abu Darda become high-ranking officials in the Sham. However, Abu Darda reject the appointment. Caliph Umar mad at him. Then Abu Darda said, "Whenever you want me to go to Sham, I'm going to teach the Qur'an and the sunna of the Prophet to them and enforce pray together with them." Caliph Omar Abu Darda liked the plan. Then, Abu Darda went to Damsyiq. Up there he found the people had drunk immersed in luxury and pleasures of the world. It was very sad. So, he called the crowd to the mosque, then he made a speech in front of them.

He said, "O inhabitants Damsyiq! You are my brother in religion, neighbors countryman, and advocate in the fight against the common enemy. O inhabitants Damsyiq! I wonder, does that cause you do not like me? In fact, I do not expect remuneration from you. Useful advice for you, while my shopping instead of you. I do not like to see the scholars going to leave you, while fools still stupid. I just hope that you carry out all the commandments of Allah, and stop all his ban. I do not like to see you accumulate a lot of wealth, but do not you use it for good. You build luxury buildings, but do not you live or you aspire to something that is unattainable by you. Nations before you ever collect as much treasure and aspire to the highest. But just sebntar, treasures they stack runs wiped out, their ideals shattered, and luxurious buildings that collapsed into the grave they wake up. Hi population Damsyiq! This is a nation of 'Ad (people of Prophet Hud As.) That have met the country (between Aden and Oman) with wealth and children. Who among you who dare to buy me a relic of 'Ad was the price of two dirhams? "

Hear a speech of Abu Darda the crowd cried, so sobs they heard outside the mosque. From that day Abu Darda always visit assemblies Damsyiq community and go to the markets. If anyone asked him, he answered. When he met with the stupid, taught to; and when he saw the
negligent, reminded. Seized every opportunity that fits well with the circumstances and capabilities available to it.

On one occasion he saw a group of people gang up on a man. The man was beaten and battered berated them. Abu Darda came over and asked, "What happened?"

They replied, "This man fell into grievous sin."

Abu Darda said, "If he falls into a well, do not you get him out of the well?"They replied, "Sure!"

Abu Darda said, "Therefore, you do not scorn him, and you do not also beaten. But, give him instruction and convince him. Give thanks to God that you always forgive you of sin. "Ask them, "Do not you hate it?"

Abu Darda replied, "Actually, I hate his actions. If he has to stop the sinful actions, he is my brother. "The man was crying and repentance from his mistakes.

Another time a young man came to Abu Darda and said to him, "O Companions of the Prophet! Teach me! "

Abu Darda replied, "O my son! Remember Allah when ye happy. God will remember you at the time you miserable. O my son! Be your teacher or a student or listeners. And, do not ever be the fourth (ie fool), for the fourth definite harm. O my son! Make it into a mosque where you live, because I heard the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully said, "Every mosque is the abode of the righteous. Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala promises for those who make the mosque as a place of residence, pleasure, spaciousness grace, and passing on pleasing way of Allah. "

Abu Darda had also saw a group of young men sitting on the roadside. They chat while seeing people traffic. Abu Darda
approached them and said to him, "O my children! The best place for Muslims is his home. There he was able to maintain himself and his views. Stay away from sitting on the roadside and in the markets, because it's useless to spend time with. "

When Abu Darda live in Damsyiq, Governor Muawiyah I apply girls Abu Darda, namely Darda, to his son, Yazid. Abu Darda reject the application Muawiyah. He did not want to marry off his daughter, Darda, with Yazid (son of the Governor). In fact, Darda
married with Muslim youth, children of the majority. Abu Darda like religion and morals of the young man. The crowds were astonished by the attitude of Abu Darda, and whispering among themselves, "Girls Abu Darda proposed by Yazid I, but her application was rejected. Then Abu Darda marry his daughter to a Muslim young people mostly children. "

A questioner asked Abu Darda, "Why are you acting like that."

Abu Darda replied, "I am free to do something for the benefit of Darda."Asked, "Why?"

Abu Darda replied, "What do you think, if later Darda has been in the middle of the nurse who is always ready to serve him, while he was in a glittering palace dazzle, will where Darda religion when it happens?"

At a time when Abu Darda was in the land of Sham, Commander of the Faithful Umar bin Khattab come check. Caliph was visiting friends in his home evenings. When Caliph Abu Darda opened the door, turned out the door was not locked and dark house without lights. When the Caliph Abu Darda hear voices, Abu Darda stand to welcome and invited to sit Caliph Umar. Both were immediately involved in the talks is important, when darkness envelops both, so that each one does not see his talk. Caliph Umar fumble pillow cushion Abu Darda, presumably a horse saddle. She felt too mattress bed Abu Darda, presumably contains a mere sand. She felt too blankets, clothes thin presumably insufficient for the winter.

Caliph Umar said, "May Allah bestow His mercy to you. Can I help you? Would you like me to send something to clear your life? "

Abu Darda replied, "O Umar Do you remember a hadith that the Prophet delivered to us?"Umar asked, "what was the Hadith?"

Abu Darda replied, "Did not the Prophet has said," Let the peak of one of the world you like provisions of a rider (ie taste and sober). "

Caliph Umar replied, "Yes, I remember!" Abu Darda said, "Well, what have we done after the death of him, O Umar?"

Caliph Umar cried, Abu Darda was crying too. Finally, they both bertangis-cries until dawn.Abu Darda be a teacher during his stay in Damsyiq. He gave instruction to the population, warned them, teach the book (the Qur'an) and the wisdom to them until he died.When Abu Darda almost died, his friends come to visit.They asked, "What do you feel pain?"Abu Darda replied, "My sins!"

Asked, "What do you want?"

Replied, "Lord of Mercy."

Then he said to those who were present in the vicinity,"
Repeated me say, La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad the Messenger of Allah."

Abu Darda always read the sentence over and over again until the last breath. After Abu Darda went to meet his Lord, Auf bin Malik al-Asyja'iy dreaming. He saw in his dream a vast green meadow. So, wafted smell fragrant and appear a shadow in the form of a huge dome of the skin. Around the dome lay animals that have never been seen before.

He asked, "Whose is this?"

Replied, "Abdur Rahman bin Auf Belong."

Abdur Rahman emerged from the dome. He told Auf bin Malik, "Hi, Ibn Malik! This is God's gift to us thanks to the Koran. If you keep an eye on this road, you will see a sight you've never seen, and heard something that you've never heard, and never crosses your mind. "

Auf bin Malik asked, "To whom it all, O Abu Muhammad?"

Replied, "Provided of Allah to Abu Darda, because he had refused the world easily and gracefully."He died in 32 H in dasmaskus.


- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.


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